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Arshad Sulahri

In Islamic teachings and Muslim society, eunuch (khawaja Sara), homosexuals/zinkhs, women have the same rights as Muslims and as human beings, but in practice, this is not the case.

In Pakistan, religious pressure and social insecurity have forced ordinary people to live in the depths of humiliation. There are millions of people who are travelers on the dark paths who have to burn themselves in order to put out the fire in their stomachs, including the top-ranked eunuchs (khwaja sara) and male and female sex workers.

According to the personal research and survey of Rakim, not a single one of these people has enthusiastically surrendered to the dark paths. There is a lot of compulsion behind everyone and there are situations where the human soul trembles when it hears. For example, a young sex worker in Rawalpindi said that he does not have a father, his mother is ill and his two sisters are disabled, he works in a company but his salary does not meet his needs. For one night, he gets three hundred and sometimes 500, the client gives more if he is good.

He said that the night’s earnings provide a lot of support, the mother’s medication is also available, and other small needs are also met. There are similar stories of other sex workers, but eunuchs (khawaja sara) have different sorrows, they live apart from their families. Even though they are human beings, they are considered as their own human beings and society does not accept them.

Eunuchs (khawaja sara) lives in one-room homes that are outside of residential areas or settlements/populations, and even if they are in residential areas, where there is no movement of people or in a place where people do not have the pace. These rooms are mostly part of the plazas or large buildings, and these rooms are not equipped with other basic requirements including water, electricity, gas. Secondly, these rooms are usually places where garbage is dumped.

The most painful thing is that society is unaware of all their issues. On the one hand, his life, on the other hand, society does not take notice of his death, even the blood relatives of eunuchs stay away from him. They live alone and they die alone, especially in Pakistani society and the so-called contractors of religion have no rights for such people. The doors of mosques are closed to them and they are forbidden to attend religious ceremonies and festivals.

The oppression of eunuchs is also due to the fact that some of the smartest types of eunuchs exploit them to the fullest. There is a famous eunuch who also talks about their rights but exploits them more than that. There are many similar gurus who snatch the bite out of the mouths of eunuchs.

Homosexuality and homosexuality are also a reality in Pakistan, but they are forced to live in oppression and fear. I do not want to promote homosexuality in Pakistan. All I want is for homosexuals to be considered human and treated humanely. Homosexuals, like other human beings, live, breathe, and have human emotions. Just as the genitals of eunuchs are not complete, there are some that are treatable, providing facilities for their treatment so that they can become full men or women and lead an active life. Some of these people suffer from psychological problems and turn to homosexuality, they are also treatable. So instead of hating them, they should be given new life.

But from the leading ulema who preach equality day and night to the common maulvi, it has never been seen that a person shakes hands with a hijra, sits down to eat with him, and congratulates him on the occasion of Eid. ۔ Doesn’t a eunuch deserve any rights in the eyes of religion? If so, why are they ignored so cruelly? In Pakistan in particular, the eunuch is seen as untouchable in society.

It is estimated that there are more than half a million people with sexual dysfunction in Pakistan who do not have access to housing or human rights. They have no role in society. Other relatives including a sister, brother, mother, the father also do not adopt them. Even though they are human, they do not have any human relationship. Therefore, they lose themselves in such darkness that the civilized world outside is unaware of their day and night and they can breathe their own way with their peers.

This is their own world in which they are brutally sexually, economically, and socially exploited. The Guru knows that he is now my slave and has no one but me. Traditionally, the Guru exploits the newcomer with open heart, hurts his ego, and makes him a source of income. From begging to prostitution, heterosexuals continue to lash out at themselves.

Sanoli is a transgender person from Faisalabad. Sanoli was a full-fledged man a few years ago, but there was also a feminine status or feminist. At home, in the neighborhood, and at school, Sanoli was ridiculed, mocked, and called out with feminine names, which hurt the feelings of masculinity and Sanoli subconsciously or un-intentionally sank into a state of femininity.

Sanoli is now a eunuch or Sanoli is now the co-pair of the Khwaja Saras. Parents, siblings, and relatives are completely missing but remember. The purpose of telling the story is to inform the situation of the eunuch ( Khawaja sara) or like the eunuch and to convince their parents that these children of yours are forced to live an inhuman life only because of your carelessness and lack of interest. If a child is bisexual or is born with a sexual defect or a sexual psychiatric disorder, what is the child’s fault?

This is also your blood. Appreciate them and embrace them. It is the duty of all of us to prevent them from becoming dark travelers, but the first responsibility falls on the family. Will we continue to give up our children just for fear of being stigmatized in society?



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Arshad Sulahri

Arshad Sulahri


Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician