“Homosexuals are also God-made human beings”

Arshad Sulahri

Objection to the rights and support of homosexuals and the attitude of cursing and blasphemy by some people by giving religious references is very unfortunate. In the following line, I have had to resort to the words of individuals for the sake of compulsive homosexuals and for those who gossip and a curse. Homosexuals are also human beings. It is human sympathy that they too should be considered human beings and their human rights should be discussed. They should be given the right to live. The main purpose of supporting homosexuals and talking about their rights is to keep them alive. No person or institution has the right to give or take their life. It is a grave sin to take the life of any human being for his unintentional act.

God loves human equality. Homosexuals are also created by Allah and are human beings. If a man or a woman has mental, physical and sexual defects, then He has not created them. Allah Almighty has created them with a special quality. It is not the fault of the man or the woman, nor do they have the power to do so. Therefore, expressing hatred towards such persons is tantamount to interfering with the law of nature. In addition to men and women, the third sex is recognized all over the world, while other identities between men and women are also recognized.

Hate on the basis of faith, race and identity is a violation of basic human rights. Which no religion allows. It is very unfortunate that in just two years in Pakistan, 80 people with different sexual identities have been deprived of their right to live. Most of them belonged to the eunuch community.

The sanctity and value of human life is more important than all beliefs, traditions and religions. It is generally said that homosexuality is a grave sin in Islam. Without research and thought, the fabric of homosexuality is linked to the nation of Lot. They had no separate identity at all. In the oldest traditions, people with distinct identities had an important place in ancient societies. He was considered worthy of love and special attention. Periods of recent monarchies also gave them special importance.

Today’s era on Pakistani soil has become a practical example of oppression and barbarism. It is haram for a child, a young person, or an adult to live in the society when their identity is revealed. Schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, offices and such places should be gathered here.

It is these oppressors who are teaching Islam. Instead of imposing Islamic morality on themselves, they impose it on others. This double standard and hypocrisy has become the first form of society.

The current era is one of personal freedom and human rights.

The demands of today’s age are to get rid of self-made chains and give every human being the right to live as he pleases. Pakistan is a constitutional state and recognizes the international charters of the United Nations. Every citizen of Pakistan is a part of the international community. Pakistan is not a country of a separate planet and is not a separate religious state.

Which has its own separate constitution and law. It is the duty of every citizen of Pakistan. Obey the constitution and law of the land. No citizen is above the law. According to the constitution and law of the country, homosexuals are equal citizens and have the right to live.




Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician

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Arshad Sulahri

Arshad Sulahri

Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician

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