LGBTQ in Pakistan face the behaviors

Arshad Sulahri

Connivance is not the solution to any problem. Especially an issue related to one’s self which is related to sex, merely suppressing due to shame does not make sense. Talking about sex is not obscene. This is a serious matter. There is also an urgent need to talk about sexual issues in Pakistan.

In the society in which we live, sexual matters are deliberately mostly suppressed. Instead of talking seriously, detachment is adopted by declaring it as a grave sin and obscenity. This is inhumane behavior. We need to take off all political, social, and religious masks and think as human beings.

Those whose actions we hate are human beings just like us. The only difference is that if a child is influenced by an environment or is naturally attracted to his homosexuality due to the inattention of educational and training institutions in our society and especially by the parent’s side, then what is the child’s fault? This can be a child’s instinct. The environment that became available to her nurtured her instincts and the elements of homosexuality continued to grow.

Parents need to keep an eye on their child’s habits, and friendships because parents are well aware of their child’s shortcomings. When parents or adults discover that their child (son or daughter) is different than others by their habits or attitudes, Parents need to love more than ever before, instead of hitting, kicking out, and expressing hatred, bring them more closer, focus as much as possible. Inexplicably you can give it a new life, a new environment. The point is that parents should adopt and not reject their gay children, never turn a blind eye from the truth. They need our attention and love, not ignorance.

Homosexuality is neither a crime nor a disease. This is human nature. The pages of the earliest history also bear witness to the fact that human was both homosexual and also inclined towards the opposite sex. Homosexuality is nothing new. Nor is it created by Western countries. The only difference is that the West, like many others, has accepted the reality of homosexuality. do not be practiced. but accept the fact that there are a significant number of homosexuals in Pakistani society. Eunuchs are different. There have also been several cases of secret gay marriages.

In other cities, including Islamabad and Rawalpindi, same-sex couples are living their married lives. Faraz (not real name) from Mirpur Azad Kashmir in Rawalpindi has been living with his homosexual for three years. Thus Farwa (not real name) and Sonia (not real name) have been together for four years. Their story has also been reported by the BBC. Social media and certain websites are successful sources for the meetings and the rights of homosexuals.

But homosexuals are trapped in fear. The fright of parents, relatives, religion, and fear of society haunts them all the time. There is no shortage of such incidents when people killed their own people in the name of honor and religion. Three young gay men were killed in Lahore last year. Murder in the name of religion and honor is the result of deviating from the facts. Societies that turn a blind eye to reality cannot live long. We need to make our attitudes and thinking realistic. Problems arising from visual impairment, when they get out of hand, then nothing comes to hand except backlash. Ignoring homosexual children is like ruining your lap with your own hands. Life of such persons has value than humiliation.



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Arshad Sulahri

Arshad Sulahri


Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician