The ambiguity of identity and the imperial culture of women

Arshad Sulahri

When I received a call from the outskirts of Islamabad a few days ago, it was difficult to understand whether the woman was talking on the call or a man. He introduced that Sanam (pseudonym) is speaking, and he has to talk to Asma Jahangir or any elder of the Human Rights Commission. You can talk. He said that only Allah can talk to Ms. Asma Jahangir now. Khaksar does not have such spiritual power. Let me talk to a leader of the Human Rights Commission.

Sanam informed me about the whole situation. Sanam, 24, appears to be a complete girl but considers herself a boy. Conversation, conversation, hair, and clothes are made like boys. The physical constitution is similar to that of boys. Except for the sexual organs, there is a man’s soul inside the fetus.

According to Sanam, he met Maria (pseudonym) ten years ago. The meeting turned into a friendship and the friendship deepened the relationship. According to Maria, she is attracted to the opposite sex in Sanam.

We can’t look back now. She has sworn to live together. I cannot live without Sanam and Sanam cannot live without it. The family has forced her to marry someone else. She cannot accept this marriage under any circumstances.

Psychological and identity ambiguities like Maria and Sanam have led to many cases in Pakistan. Recently, Asma and Neha of Taxila, Shiza and Sobia of Manawan area of ​​Lahore, Saima and Hadia of Mirpur area of ​​Azad Kashmir and other cases have been identified. Instead, the drum of homosexuality and sin has been played. As a result, entire families have faced difficulties and the lives of girls have also been ruined.

There is no trace of social, religious, or human morality left. By teaching Iqbal, Qudratullah Shehab and Naseem Hijazi, societies are formed which have only fanaticism, sentimentality, and imaginary pride. Reality, facts, human ethics, and human rights are presented as obscenity, pornography, and nudity. Numerous people of Oriya Maqbool Jan and Ansar Abbasi tribes are committed to its propagation.

Women are not just heterosexuals and farmers. There are mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives. Nations that do not respect women. Destruction is their destiny. As a nation, we are doomed. No one is straight tomorrow. The ugliest act does not creep into anyone’s ears. Hypocritical phrases are posted on news and social media for four days. Then new tragedies are mentioned. This is the torment and destruction. This is the fall.

Stones are yet to fall from the sky.

It is a common attitude in society that women are deceived in the name of religion, honor, and dignity. Hair is pulled on trivial things. It is considered shameless, immoral, and characterless. It is spoken and not heard. Need to talk to Sanam and Maria instead of pushing. Get counseling from experts. The ambiguity in these identities should be removed. Don’t make it a matter of honor, dignity, and religion. Look at human lives. As human beings, everyone has the right to live. This push should be ended. This culture of coercion has ruined countless lives.




Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician

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Arshad Sulahri

Arshad Sulahri

Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician

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