Why do women like homosexuality?

Arshad Sulahri

A long time ago, I wrote an article on the subject of homosexuality in which only men were mentioned in relation to homosexuality. The article was about a few meetings. The article under review is also a conversation based on the personal experiences and observations of some young and middle-aged gay women. I will try to convey the views and words of gay women to the readers without any change. This was in 2020 when I first had the opportunity to meet a young woman of the same sex.

It is compulsory to resort to pseudonyms. Nasra belongs to a religious family. She is also a scholar/ peeress. Nasra’s partner name Syeda Atika (pseudonym), is a highly educated woman from the Najib-al-Tarfeen Syed family in Pakistan. In the past days, I asked him for some special talks which she had accepted. Nasra and Syeda Atika say that just as men get unnatural sexual satisfaction from men, so do women get unnatural sexual satisfaction from women.

Women who want to settle down a house, they are not satisfied/comforted with her own man. Sexual weakness in men is also a big reason. Otherwise, if her husband has an illicit affair with another woman, she can free herself from that relationship. And when he gets married in another place, the same thing happens there, in the mind of such a woman, there is intense hatred for men. That’s why she seems to be attracted to homosexuality.

Homosexuals are mostly divorced women. Homosexuality for women is called a lesbian in English. Connected to Lisbon Island. The island is located in the Aegean Sea. A woman named Sefo is the reason for the island’s fame. She also expressed his love for women in his poetry seven hundred years before Christ. Homosexuality in women in the name of Sefo is also called Sufism. The Greeks used the term Tribune instead of Lisbon to mean rubbing against each other.

The term became popular due to the well-known practice of feminism. In modern times, such a woman is called a lesbian and this process is called lesbianism. Experts do not agree on the real causes of homosexuality as much as homosexuality, and its explanatory efforts begin with Plato’s symposium. He has also traced the cause of homosexuality to male homosexuality by first being born in three forms of man, male and female, and bisexual.

A second attempt to understand this was made by the Pyramids in Greece in 450 BC. In modern times, its possible causes are explored in social, psychological, and functional factors. According to Freud, it is possible that a homosexual woman may have some of the characteristics of a man during her fetal period due to which she develops masculine traits which increase in adolescence. These are the traits that make a woman with a seemingly feminine body look masculine on the inside and she begins to feel attracted to her homosexuals.

The second meeting was with Tayyaba and Kausar. Tayyaba is an MSc student while Kausar works in a company. They both met in a private women’s hostel where they are roommates. Tayyaba says that when Kausar touched her, she felt as if a boy had touched her. Kausar says she was very attracted to her and she deliberately touched it on her genitals. According to Kausar, she is physically a woman but on the inside her feelings and emotions are masculine. According to Kausar, she is also undergoing treatment.




Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician

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Arshad Sulahri

Arshad Sulahri

Writer,Journalist,Editor ,Human Rights Activist ,Politician

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